Play and Practice Janna after You Get Your Free Riot Points

Janna is probably one of the oldest champions in League of Legends. She is played mainly as a support. She provides high utility and sustain for the entire team. She provides consistent nuisance to her enemies with her set of abilities. Janna uses the wind to blow her enemies away, provide a whirling wind to shield her partner, an elemental that can hasten her movement speed or slow her enemy, and a very risky ultimate skill but nonetheless, a very rewarding one.

Once you have purchased Janna with your free riot points, you can start practicing her down at bottom lane with a good attack damage carry. Janna has a lot to offer to the table. She has three crowd control abilities that can disrupt enemies during team fights. Janna is known as the master of disengage. If your team is losing the fight, she can reset the entire team fight with a simple click of her ultimate. If you want your team to flee from an incoming onslaught, then you can simply blow them away and let your teammates run for their lives. Her passive allows her teammates to run faster as well. Her ultimate skill is what makes Janna. Most beginners would not know when to use her ultimate. Some might accidentally shove enemies towards low health allies and kill them or push them further away thus letting the enemy get away or you can also use the skill to push away enemies if you know you are losing.

Janna is a very high risk high reward support champion which takes more effort on the player's part to practice. You need to time your skills very well and assess each situation very carefully. Be ready to test out each scenario using her ultimate to know when to use it to your advantage. Overall, Janna is not a goddess in the support tier. Her mediocre range disables her to poke. Her kit is all about disengaging which means poke heavy team compositions will greatly benefit against her.

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